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Zak Romanoff
President of OMNI Food Sales
Zak Romanoff is the President of OMNI Food Sales, a leading perishable Brand Advocate representing national, regional, and local food manufacturers. Zak has become a disruptor in the food distribution, marketing, and sales world by removing the term “Broker” from his vocabulary and replacing it with “Brand Advocate”. This rejuvenation of a once stale industry has been further enforced by Zak’s development of a strong online presence highlighting his day to day world in the food industry. Zak shares his knowledge on the food manufacturer and retailer relationship. Under his tenure as President, OMNI has won multiple “Broker/Vendor Partner of the Year” awards and Zak has spoken about “Brand Advocacy” to multiple foreign delegations, St Joe’s University Food Marketing Association Executive MBA Class, and other leading organizations in the food industry. Zak is a member of the New Jersey Food Council, serves on the Education Committee of the New Jersey Food Processors Association, and is a Board Member of the Harrison Food Pantry. Outside of the office Zak enjoys basketball, spartan races, and lives with his wife and son in New York.