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Amie Albrecht
Amie Albrecht is a mathematician and Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia. Her mathematics research largely focuses on solving practical industry-inspired challenges. Amie has taught mathematics at university for fifteen years, at first teaching just like she’d been taught. Around five years ago she realised the disconnect between traditional procedural-based teaching and the creative, active and collaborative ways in which professional mathematicians work.

Amie’s teaching interests are now focused on developing mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills by giving students opportunities to think deeply about mathematical ideas, leading them to share delightful and unexpected ways of approaching problems. She also works to inspire and equip pre- and in-service teachers to incorporate authentic mathematical practice in their classrooms. Amie presents at maths teacher conferences across Australia, serves on state and national mathematics education committees, and works with the South Australian Department for Education.

Amie is always looking to improve her teaching practice, which includes currently undertaking a Master of Teaching, blogging at www.amiealbrecht.com, and actively tweeting in the ‘Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere’ (#MTBoS) as @nomad_penguin.