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Sarah Harrison
Partner, Homewell Practice
I have worked in primary care for 20 years.
Joining the practice as a trainee nurse practitioner and progressing to partnership within the first 5 years. One of my first achievements within partnership was to develop the nursing team to a larger multidisciplinary team and promoting nurse led services for the practice population. I developed my strategic experience further during the early Vanguard days as a board member, then moving onto locality lead nurse and more recently as board nurse for the PCN.

Constantly wanting to increase my clinical skills further in advanced practice I am currently completing my MSc. The practice began looking at ways to improve patient access and promote a more sustainable model and reduce the GP burden the practice started working with Carradale Futures and the Klinik team earlier this year.

The Carradale model has seen the practice transform and reenergise itself into a model I believe will provide resilience for the future primary care. Klinik has provided a direct portal for patients to access the clinician they need to thorough a total triage system. Patients are more satisfied having only had to tell their story once and receive the outcome they require rather than calling daily to see if any availability in a previous inequitable model. Staff are positive and finding more time to develop special interests.