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Frank Satterwhite
Principal Cyber Security Consultant
Frank is a known, global cybersecurity expert and social influencer. With roots in Silicon Valley and the EU, he has a purposeful vision that has driven his career: Making the world a better place, by protecting society through technology. Frank responded to interference in the 2016 US elections by globally launching his company, 1600 Cyber. The company is non-partisan and uses elite technical expertise to support NATO, Military, and International Business cyber initiatives. He is dedicated to protecting our way of life online.
Frank's technology expertise includes SOC and SIEM Management, US DoD and NATO, C4ISR, GCCS, Multi-LateralInteroperability Programme, Encryption, PKI, Information Assurance, Privacy Protections, Cyber Security, and SystemEngineering. Frank is also a CISSP, CISM, and CSX Practitioner Certification Instructor and proud ISACA partner increasing cyber competencies.
A classic S.T.E.M. ambassador, Frank is founder to a non-profit and S.T.E.M programs, most recently Hip Hop Leaders. He is relentlessly focused on paying it forward and is committed to empowering younger generations through awareness and opportunity. He inspires young men from underrepresented groups and young women, to pursue education and technology careers as a means to a better life.