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Elizabeth Asch
"The ants living in the empty lot next door came out to play when I was little. They walked on my hands and arms, and I watched for hours as they went about their lives. I always wanted to understand the hearts and minds of those around me. The ants taught me so much.

I became a visual and performance artist in my teen years, learning to silence the voice in my head in order to feel and know the world. My teachers were many, including a horse named Ginger. When I applied her communication principles to my surroundings - - trees, insects, birds and mammals - - I found acceptance.

Then three years ago while swimming with dolphins off the coast of Mozambique, I heard a call. A creature from the Sea filled my mind and body with sounds so wild and powerful that I fell sick afterwards. To this day I am trying to decipher the meaning of that appeal.

My mission is simple. There is an invisible bridge between the human species and the cultures of the beings with whom we share the planet. They are calling us back from our isolation. The time has come to re-unite with them so that we can live together in harmony, the way it is meant to be. Please come along, find your way back to the bridge. Your tools are inside."

Elizabeth has worked closely with African Wildlife and is currently doing case study work in Interspecies Communication with Wales, Dolphins and Rays.