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Jayanth Murthy
Joint Managing Director at Kaizen Institute South Asia and Africa
He is a student of KAIZEN™ for over 25+ years and he continues to support, shape and grow Kaizen Institute's footprints across Africa and South Asia. His passion and experience lies in supporting organizations explore, understand and make an informed decision regarding the need and relevance of KAIZEN™​

for their organizational development. KAIZEN™ and Operational Excellence/ Lean philosophy remain his core domain and he has motivated manufacturing and service organizations across thirty-plus countries to embrace the KAIZEN™ Way!​

In 1991 he established his consulting practice and in the year 2001, he was invited to join Kaizen Institute India as a partner and director. In the year 2005, they expanded to set up Kaizen Institute’s operations in Africa. He has pioneered KAIZEN™ adoption for the Government of Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania and India and also has the privilege to promote KAIZEN™ within the office of the Prime Minister of India.

In partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Africa operations support over ten African countries to apply KAIZEN™ in the distribution of medical commodities. Jayanth is an Industrial and Production Engineer who also received an AOTS Scholarship in 1996 to study Quality Management at KKC Osaka. He is a Fulbright Fellow (2005) from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. ​​