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Peet Wiid
Managing Director at Kaizen Institute New Zealand
Peet Wiid has been delivering KAIZEN™ holistic improvement programmes to a wide range of organisations in New Zealand during the past decade, including government departments, healthcare, SMEs, food processing, general manufacturing, construction, and horticulture. Furthermore, leading and participating in global projects enhanced his insight into operational, managerial, and leadership issues preventing organisational excellence.
In 1997 Peet earned a master’s degree in behavioral sciences (cum laude) and completed an MSc in management in 1998. Subsequently he has a strong focus on the often-forgotten behavioral aspects of creating a long-lasting culture of excellence.

He has been representing Kaizen Institute New Zealand as a part-time senior lecturer at two tertiary educational institutions in Auckland since 2016.

Peet is a contributing author of the book Agile and Lean Concepts for Teaching and Learning, published in 2018.
  • https://nz.linkedin.com/in/peetwiid