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Christian Wiens
Co-Founder and CEO at GetSafe
Christian is challenging one of the largest industries in the world – as the founder and CEO of Getsafe. Getsafe is a digital insurance provider and the market leader for millennials in Germany with plans to expand throughout Europe. GetSafe uses cutting-edge technology to create a simple, social and engaging insurance experiences according to their vision: to empower people to live life to the fullest by covering them and their universe, no matter who and where they are.

As a technology company, they rely on the use of data and AI: with a team of more than 90 incredibly driven, young and international people they are building an insurance app everybody loves to use. 75% of members are first-time insurance buyers, 35% keep coming back to the app every month.

Christian loves working with experts and visionaries who share their enthusiasm and desire to provide a great experience. As a digital entrepreneur with a strong engineering background, you can often find him on selected international conferences - and a webinar or two!