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Jessica Schoiack
Co-Founder, Our Kids Deserve it
Jessica is a woman who fiercely believes in perseverance and the power of unity to create positive change. She believes that children and teachers alike deserve the right to feel safe in their schools. As Co-Founder of OKDi, Jessica has devoted her life to making these beliefs a reality. Jessica has spent a decade working with school administrators and first responders in developing the tools necessary for schools to prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from any emergency. Working across various educational institutions, Jessica’s expertise is in the development of critical safety and security improvement processes such as, unbiased school security market evaluations and implementation of All Hazards School Safety Plans. She values the importance in financing such processes and has facilitated the development and execution of numerous school safety grants. In 2014, she facilitated the launch of what was then deemed the “Safest School in America”. In 2016, Jessica was part of a team assembled by the Indiana Sheriffs’ Association to pass an Indiana state legislative bill that enforced a minimum standard of safety for all newly constructed K-12 schools. In 2018, Jessica published a school safety book, “Soft Targets, A Modern Guide for Protecting Students, Educators and Their Learning Environments from Acts of Extreme Violence”, which she co-authored with OKDi co founder Mason Wooldridge.