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Richard Peterson
President, U.S. Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council
With three decades of travel and tourism expertise in marketing, executive leadership, and strategic business development, Richard’s engagements with hospitality, arts, culture and tourism are not only a professional focus, but a personal passion as well. Headquartered in San Francisco, he is the President & Chief Cultural Ambassador of the U.S. Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council (USCHMC), and Publisher of The Cultural Traveler and The Cultural Connection. USCHMC provides bespoke consulting and curated project services that include: strategic planning, business assessments, product development, industry engagements, thought leadership and community initiatives. Richard serves as Director-At-Large for U.S. Travel Association’s Board of Directors; the California Travel Association Board of Directors - and contributes his time to select national committees and community programs – supporting the advocacy efforts so critical to the business of today. Collectively, the diversity of his personal travel experiences and industry contributions shape the authentic focus that Richard places into each initiative that USCHMC engages. www.uschmc.com