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Julie Ostrow
Humorous Speaker and Communication Coach
When asked, “What do you speak about,” Julie replies, “My main message is improving communication and I do that by using three main tools: humor, laughter, and improvisation."

As a humorous speaker and communication coach, Julie Ostrow teaches organizations and corporate teams to use improv skills to improve creativity, communication, team building, problem solving, and productivity with their clients and within their organizations. Trained at The Second City in Chicago, Ostrow teaches the benefits of using humor, laughter, and improv in all aspects of our lives, including in the workplace.

Having more than 20 years of corporate marketing communications experience, Ostrow is able to identify the trigger points of miscommunication and low morale in the corporate culture. By infusing her corporate experience with her humor, laughter, and improv tools, she is able to guide organizations to communication, connection, and creativity, resulting in re-inspired teams and increased productivity.

Ostrow conducts her communication workshops for corporations, health care organizations, conventions, and schools.

• “Think On Your Feet Public Speaking" (Improv for Public Speaking)
• “Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate with Improv!” (Improv for Team Building)
• “Stressed Out? Play It Out with Improv!!” (Improv for Stress Management)

Ostrow's enthusiasm and passionate spirit, combined with her comedic insight, help to make her a warm and engaging presenter and workshop facilitator. Her personal motto, "find the funny," helps her to find humor in everyday moments and in life's seemingly most difficult situations–and she'll help your teams do the same! And having won The First-Ever American Laughing Championship (2013) ensures that there will always be some laughter in Ostrow’s presentations!
  • Julie@GoFindTheFunny.com
  • https://www.facebook.com/gofindthefunny/
  • @JulieOstrow
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/julieostrow/