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Katarina Andjelkov
Consultant Plastic Surgeon, University of Belgrade, Belgrade Medical School
After graduating medicine and completing the training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, she was trained in aesthetic surgery by prof. Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Upon moving back to Serbia, she completed her master studies and PhD degree in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. She is a research associate in plastic surgery and regenerative medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade where she is enrolled in studies involving cell therapies and other projects in plastic surgery. She is also the founder and the owner of the BelPrime Clinic, the first clinic for regenerative surgery in Balkans where she performs regenerative treatments.

She was a principal investigator of the study conducted at the Institute for Forensic Medicine at the University of Belgrade to determine the anatomical measurements of gastrocnemius muscles that were used to create a new calf implant. She is the author of different publications that involve anatomical findings in calf region, safety and efficacy of calf augmentation and the latest including her experience in composite calf augmentation in both reconstructive and aesthetic cases.