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Naby Mariyam
Founder at CoverHero
Naby Mariyam loves salsa dancing and InsurTech (in that order). When not salsa dancing, she runs Coverhero, where she is obsessively focused on the needs of Millennials and Gen Z's. Graduating with a Masters of Philosophy in Management at the age of 22, she has 18 years of experience in working across Senior level positions in Academia, Management Consulting, Documentary production, Travel and Destination Marketing. She has advised to the UNDP on building start up ecosystems and designed accelerator programs to drive innovation in developing nations. Naby also has a background in social science where she deeply studied human pleasure behind decision making.

Naby is the founder and CEO of Coverhero. An insurtech platform that specializes on delivering insurance in a simple, transparent and affordable way. Their machine learning powered technology platform Cloud CoverTM understands the needs of its consumers and leverages smarter distribution, underwriting and claims processing to deliver a seamless insurance experience for lifestyle moments that matter. Coverhero's moment based cover methodology caters to the needs of generation Z and Millennials with a range of products such as flight, baggage and activity insurance with real time claims processing.