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Yosef Safi Harb
Founder, Happitech
Founder and CEO at Happitech. Happitech provides medical grade monitoring without the medical cost, simply by using the smartphone to monitor heartrate, heartrate variability and arrhythmias. The Technology is CE Certified and has undergone clinical trials for the past three years at the largest Cardiology Hospital OLVG (Amsterdam) and Academic center UMCU (Utrecht) in the Netherlands.

Happitech provides the word’s first Heartrate SDK that Telehealth companies can integrate within weeks instead of months due to the unique regulatory position and intended use. Telehealth companies, Luscii and Huma, integrate Happitech’s technology to provide their patients with instant heartrate or heart rhythm monitoring simply by using their smartphone camera.

Yosef Safi Harb has a background in Aerospace engineering with a focus on sensor design. After developing sensors in the automotive industry, made the move to healthcare, as working with people, felt more meaningful than with machines. By working closely with leading cardiologist and hospitals, the Happitech team has been able to develop and bring the product to Telehealth and Patients.