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Paul Majcherczyk
Founder, Fabalish
Consumers are looking for plant-based, allergen-friendly products with clean and organic ingredients. However, it’s hard to find products that check all these boxes, let alone that are as delicious and satisfying as conventional foods. Enter Fabalish, a plant-based food producer of baked falafel and aquafaba-based sauces, whose clean ingredient, organic, and allergen-free eats are as delicious as they are nutritious, ensuring that you never feel deprived or unsatisfied. Fabalish takes its name from “faba,” the Latin word for “bean.” In fact, aquafaba—the liquid that results from soaking and cooking chickpeas—is the source of Fabalish’s creamy and texture-rich sauces, serving as an egg and dairy replacement. High-protein, antioxidant-rich chickpeas also play a starring role in their pre-baked falafel (think chickpea veggie nuggets), making for the perfect fiber-dense meal or on-the-go snack. Healthy meets convenience. With Fabalish in your corner, your plant-based journey has never been easier or more fabulous!