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Patrick Orr
VP of Marketing and Brand
Patrick leads Marketing at Communo, where he manages outside marketing partners and an internal sales team to generate awareness about Communo and convert prospects to members. As a solutions-driven individual, Patrick shares his passion and creativity to find new ways for Communo to proliferate.

Drawing his inspiration from the cultural transformation that Communo is leading, he understands the human potential of the community and the impact that leveraging Communo can have on the bottom line of the businesses who use it.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Patrick started, scaled and ran his own small agency with a blended staffing model of contractors and FTEs. On the flip side, his experience as a contingent worker and agency consultant gives him a personal understanding of the unique challenges that Communo members face.

Patrick moved across the country to start Communo in 2017, and currently lives in Calgary with his two and a half-year-old son and has never looked back.