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Lori Woodley
Co-Founder and CEO of All It Takes
Lori is a public speaker, trainer, and author supporting youth and Youth Influencers everywhere. Focused on Social Emotional Learning (SEL, also called emotional intelligence), development, Lori trains parents, educators, coaches, club leaders, law enforcement, and others, as well as youth themselves in life changing SEL skills. Some of these are: resilience, confidence, self-regulation, balance, empathy, inclusion, trust, integrity, work-ethic and purpose.

With over 28 years in the field of counseling and consulting, Lori is co-founder and CEO of All It Takes, a non-profit committed to, ‘equipping youth with essential skills to successfully navigate their lives and support their communities.’ Teaching from her foundational Notice Choose Act® framework, Lori empowers all ages to discover and embrace their power and to be purposeful, responsible, and emotionally healthy catalysts for positive outcomes for themselves, others and the planet.