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Omar Butt
Innovation Account Lead at Imperial College Health Partners
After almost a decade of commercial experience supplying health systems with Innovation and in the process gaining a firm understanding of the challenges industry faces in aligning with the provider, Omar switched sides to work for the NHS. He has since spent several years assisting health systems with innovation and problem solving and again in the process gained a clear understanding of provider constraints in the adoption of innovation.

Alongside his professional career Omar has also founded several ventures in various sectors and knows well the trials and challenges that start-ups and entrepreneurs face.

To manifest the adoption of innovation he has co-developed and manages an ecosystem to nurture and accelerate life sciences related products and efficiencies to commercialisation whilst ensuring it is aligned with market preferences and issues.

He is currently involved in two of his own early stage ventures and mentors several Life science innovations in conjunction with his role at Imperial College Health Partners. An MBA from Imperial he has a continued academic passion for Consumer behaviour and Venture strategy.