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Patrick Orr
VP of Marketing and Brand
It is 2020 in Marketing, Digital and Creative Services industry...

- WPP’s stock dropped 40% in 2018.
- Agency employee attrition is at 30%
- AOR agreements have disappeared
- Clients are moving spend to in-house ops
- 1 in 3 people are currently self-employed

The agency model is broken. The Marketing, Digital and Creative Services industry needs a new way forward, a new way to work. Enter Communo.

Communo is a technology-empowered movement of business leaders that share an economy of client opportunities, specialized staff, and fixed cost business resources. In 2019 we will build an ecosystem of 1500 agencies and freelancers that outperform their mediocre peers through rapid scalability, lower expenses, higher revenue and stronger margins.

If you're run an Agile Agency, Consultancy or Freelance Operation with a Niche Marketing Service focus then let's chat — you may be a fit for Communo

I value relationships and personal connections, if you are looking for a new way forward, lets connect.
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/williampatrickorr/