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Celeste Hilling
Founder & CEO, Skin Authority
A female founder with over 20 years of successfully leading cross-functional teams globally and experienced Board leader, CEO, relationship builder, and visionary with the ability to consistently deliver tangible results, operational insight, collaborative leadership style, and solid history of fundraising from diverse sources, alliances, and joint ventures. Demonstrated history of building businesses from the ground up, spearheading acquisitions into and assuming leadership roles in publicly held companies, and redefining industry models.

In addition to hosting the Beauty Workout Channel on YouTube, Hilling presents around the globe and is a resource for top media outlets including “The Doctors”, MSNBC, and The New York Times. Uniquely positioned as an innovator in beauty, skincare, and wellness, Hilling was among the first female Officers in a Fortune 25 technology company as Vice President, Compaq Computer Consumer Division Worldwide.

Spotlighted by MSNBC as “giving the beauty industry a makeover”, Ms. Hilling has carefully shaped a new business model in founding Skin Authority which leverage technology to scale the human touch versus replace it, a model which has more power, meaning, and value in 2020’s current climate than when it was conceived.

Skin Authority is recognized for redefining the personalization and stimulation of consumer engagement in-store and online in the evaluation and purchase of skincare by (1) patenting a Virtual Video Coaching Platform and (2) developing the Skin Authority brand of health-inspired skincare products by establishing biotechnology partnerships to patent groundbreaking environmental and digital skin protection.
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