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Francois Mevis
Optimate - CEO
Throughout his career Francois Mevis has developed a knack for bringing people and concepts together in real life implementations. Using agile and activity based working approaches, he has built close-nit teams across traditional organisational boundaries, around principles of close collaboration, creating value and – first and foremost – never accept the status quo. His curiosity has lead him to work in a wide range of sectors from Energy (Shell, Synergy), Finance (ING, Westpac, Rabobank), to public sector (Dutch Department for Social Services) in Europe, America and Australia. As a strategic and organisational leader, he has established a reputation as innovator and challenger of existing work practises and processes, by inspiring people to go on the journey with him. Francois is the CEO & Regional Manager at Optimate Pty Ltd – a strategic data integration and consultancy company for operational data, IoT and SCADA, and associated data analysis capability. He lives with his family near Perth in the south west of Australia.