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Darren Hawkins
CEO & Founder, SpaceDC
Darren is CEO and founder of SpaceDC, the first company in Southeast Asia that GIC has chosen to invest in and develop data centers with. With funding secured, Darren was able to develop an innovative green data center in Jakarta, Indonesia. This project will introduce a step change in the provision of data center quality in the industry. With a low PUE and reduced carbon footprint, it will be one of the greenest data center in Asia that can not only provide global customers with a quality and scalable facility, it can also meet the modern demands of large data center consumers like cloud companies and OTT providers. SpaceDC also has plans to develop data centers across Asia. Expansion throughout the region, delivering world class facilities that enable SpaceDC customers to realise their vision. Prior to this, Darren has had decades of experience representing both the client and solution providers in leading and managing projects within various sectors that ranges in value of up to AUD 2.5billion.

One of Darren’s technological breakthroughs will be constructing a gas driven data center that utilises the waste heat from gas generators to create cooling. This Tri-Generation project will provide a 30% reduction in carbon emissions when compared to a traditional data center. The facility will also generate a PUE of 1.2, a number rarely seen in very humid climates like Asia. Darren’s other achievements include utilising a new cooling approach to develop a world class data center platform for ANZ that has a PUE of 1.2. The work process included clarifying which parts of the building required or do not required cooling, designing the facility in consideration of maximising climate conditions and then deploying both active and passive techniques for cooling, including the utilisation of the dual skin roof to assist with the creation of a plant plenum. Darren has also worked on Global Switch data center to implement the first Iso Parallel Bus data center in Australia.

Darren has also worked on projects with teams of up to 10,000 workers (Heathrow Terminal 5). The largest team he has personally managed for was approximately 200 staff. This number consisted of designers, engineers, quantity surveyors, project managers, construction managers, and contractors.

Darren has spoken at many data center events and is recognised as an expert in this field of development. Recently recognized by Data Economy as the Top 50 data centres and cloud influencers from across Asia Pacific, Darren has not only led the creation of the SpaceDC brand, but also played an instrumental role in its development and market innovation by working closely with the team to realise a completely new identity that includes all aspect of the company from building form, uniforms, website, graphics, signage, wayfinding and promotions.

Passionate in keeping up to date on industry best practices, Darren believes in the value of innovative design and prefers to focus his attention on business outcomes. By challenging principles first, empowering the team next and finally embracing change, he is constantly driven to provide the most efficient and effective technology to his customers.
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/darrenhawkins/