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Dr. Eduardo Casal
Acting Attorney-General, Argentina
Eduardo Casal has served as the Acting Attorney-General of Argentina since November 2017. He is one of the longest serving officers in the Attorney-General’s Office. He has worked 42 years in the legal sector, 30 years in the Attorney-General Office and 25 years as the Federal Prosecutor at the National Supreme Court of Justice. He was appointed as the Federal Prosecutor at the National Supreme Court of Justice in 1992 and remained in office until he assumed the role of Acting Attorney-General. Nowadays, he is in charge of both positions. He received his legal education at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) where he also teaches as an associate professor. During his tenure, the Argentinean Public Prosecutor’s Office has enhanced its ability to identify, investigate, and prosecute terrorism and terrorism financing offenses. In July 2018, Dr. Casal issued a Resolution creating the Counter- Terrorism Secretariat (SAIT, for its Spanish acronym) within the Argentinean Federal Prosecutor’s Office. The SAIT is not a prosecution unit. It does not handle investigations or advance prosecutions. Its mandate is to counsel prosecutors.