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Clive Govender
CEO & Founder, CGC Consulting & ADAPT Digital Solutions (ADS)
Clive is a global executive with over 19 years in international procurement and supply chain, strategy & sustainability.

Clive has worked in mining, industrial and automotive industries and has gain extensive experience in strategy formulation and implementation, Procurement/ supply chain, sustainable development, project management, ESG management as well as technology innovation.

Clive has started work for ABB as General Manager- Group process and thereafter Vice President Supply Chain/ Sustainability for Sub- Sahara Africa for a period of 9 years.

Clive’s’ last role was Head of Supply Chain (Chief Procurement officer) for Anglo American Platinum from 2005-2015, the largest Platinum producer in the world. He was also responsible for assisting in the restructuring of Anglo Americans’ procurement &supply chain to a world class, center- led organizational structure and delivered over 1.5BUSD of benefits from 2008 – 2012.

Clive is a successful business leader who has now turned entrepreneur at the beginning of 2016 and has started up a boutique Procurement & Supply Chain consulting firm, CGC Consulting as well as an investment holding company.

Clive has a Bsc Hons (operations management), Bcom, MBA (Henley UK), Senior Executive Program (London Business School). He is a member of the International Alumni Council and the President of the Alumni Club in South Africa. He is a sought after international speaker on the subject of procurement, supply chain & technology . His key topic is using procurement as a key lever to reduce poverty, unemployment and inequality in mining communities.

Clive has been the architect of the Mining 2050 Program at the Mining Indaba with its inaugural launch in 2018.

Clive is a guest lecturer at London Business School, UK and University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business.