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Eric Hoegger
Director of Global Renewable Energy, Cargill
Eric is the Director of Global Renewable Energy, owning Cargill’s renewable energy strategy globally. In this role, Eric is responsible for adding renewable energy to Cargill’s operations, ensuring Cargill meets its 2025 Climate goal to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions in Cargill’s operations a minimum of 10% vs. a 2017 baseline.

In Eric’s short time in the new role, Eric has executed on two VPPAs, one PPA, two green tariff programs, and two onsite solar projects. Over the coming years Cargill will continue to seek additional onsite and offsite renewable energy projects to meet the goal in a cost effective manner, while managing the associated market price risk.

Eric is a Chemical Engineer by background and was formerly a Plant Engineer for Cargill Salt in California, when the California Power Crisis hit in 2000. Eric has been active in all of North America’s deregulated retail power markets since their inception, having previously managed the power supply for Cargill’s North American operations for the last 17 years.