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Marc Rowland
Marc is currently the adviser for improving outcomes for disadvantaged learners for the Unity Schools Partnership.
Marc works with the Education Endowment Foundation’s national Research School Network. He is also working on a range of programmes focussed on educational disadvantage nationally. He was formerly the Head of Rosendale Research School in Lambeth.
Marc has also been working with the Jersey government for four years on the introduction and implementation of a ‘Jersey Pupil Premium’. This has led to a marked improvement in outcomes for disadvantaged pupils there.
Marc has worked / is working with, numerous Local Authorities, Multi Academy Trusts, Teaching School Alliances and groups of schools nationally on long term projects to support better outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.
Marc has also worked with the Department for Education and over 550 individual schools to support them with their strategies to improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.
The second edition of Marc’s award-winning book, ‘An Updated Practical Guide to the Pupil Premium’, was published in December 2015 (John Catt Educational). His latest book ‘Learning without Labels’ was also published by John Catt in March 2017.