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Joy Jinks
Leader of the SAASE Cooperation Circle, the NOWTIME Radio CC, and author of Dynamic Aging: I Intend to Live Forever. So Far…So Good!
Joy Jinks worked for the State of Georgia as a child protective services worker, and as a community Mental Health services supervisor. She used her skills in community organizing to provide non-profit day care for the children of the working poor, and to found a school for the training of Licensed Practical Nurses. As an international volunteer with the Institute of Cultural Affairs, she traveled to several countries. Realizing the importance of revitalizing rural areas such as her home town, Colquitt, GA. Joy became an entrepreneur; organized a Chamber of Commerce; and founded Swamp Gravy, Georgia’s Folklife play, based on the stories of local people and performed by volunteers. Swamp Gravy has become a national model for community revitalization through Arts and Culture.   She is a member of the Social Artistry Alliance of South East United States CC of North America and author of Dynamic Aging: I Intend to Live Forever. So far…So Good.