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Stephanie Douglas
Head of Early Intervention and Localities, Doncaster Borough Council
Stephanie Douglas, Head of Early Intervention and Localities in the Learning and Opportunities Directorate of Doncaster Borough Council has over 35 years’ experience working in the education and skills sector and 20 years working as a local authority senior officer.

Stephanie is dedicated to improving outcomes for children and families by the leadership and implementation of excellence in policy and practice. Working as a teacher, Primary School Headteacher, nursery manager, Ofsted Inspector, Primary/Early Years Adviser and Head of Service for an award winning Early Years Service, her experiences include contributions to research projects on literacy and early reading skills, HMI studies on financial management, lecturing for educational bodies, chairing regional educational groups and participating in government strategy working groups. She leads on the Early Help strategy and on the Local Solutions initiative in Doncaster. All responsibilities reflect a passion for the care and education of young children and their families.