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David Marchant
Owner & Editor, OffshoreAlert
David Marchant has been a journalist since 1984, working in the United Kingdom, Bermuda and the USA. He is the sole shareholder and editor of OffshoreAlert, which is based in Miami, Florida. Launched in 1997, OffshoreAlert publishes investigative news and documents about offshore finance and holds annual conferences in Miami Beach and London about financial intelligence and investigations.

David has exposed many high-value financial crimes and his work is regularly referenced by regional, national and international news organizations around the world.

David and/or OffshoreAlert have been sued multiple times for defamation in the Cayman Islands, Canada, England, Grenada, Panama and the USA and have never paid one cent in costs or damages to the plaintiffs and never published an apology or retraction regarding articles being complained about.

The owner of the first corporate plaintiffs that sued for libel was subsequently sentenced to 17 years in prison after being found guilty of tax fraud and money laundering. Several officers of other plaintiffs have been criminally charged with, and/or convicted of, serious financial crimes after unsuccessfully filing defamation complaints.