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Priestess of the Way, Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Practice Mentor
Hey Love, I’m Aja, Priestess of the Way & Spiritual Practice Mentor @ Sage Temple
I help spiritual seekers and holistic entrepreneurs discover their intuitive inner voice so they can confidently create a life + biz they never need a vacation from!
My soul craves to help women create freeing and more authentic lives through spiritual alignment, intuitive connection, and honesty. Life can be filled with challenges that keep us on edge and lacking confidence. I’m no different, trust me! But once I learned to hear, trust and follow my intuition and unique spiritual practice, I was able to realize the life I wanted to have very quickly.
As Priestess of the Way, I work with my divine intuitive knowledge every day and in every way of my life to keep me on the path of living my vision of freedom. You were born with the same sacred capabilities that I was to shift your mind, body, and soul to receive your intuitive messages, allowing you to transform your life with greater ease. I look forward to holding space for you on your intuition building journey. “You got time? I’ll bring the tea-let’s hang out!”