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Susan Merrill O'Connor
Director of Communications, Center for Non-Profits
The Center for Non-Profits is the umbrella organization for New Jersey's 501(c)(3)s. Susan works to increase the Center's visibility and promote the valuable programs and new developments the Center provides its members and the overall non-profit community. She’s responsible for the organization’s marketing plan that includes affirming the Center’s mission and reputation as an advocate for New Jersey’s 501(c)(3) community, publicity strategies, e-newsletters, social media, participation at numerous events, and other outreach. Susan builds partnerships, including sponsorship, for the Center's annual NJ Non-Profit Conference that grows bigger and better every year. She works closely with non-profit leaders, service providers, consultants and other industry experts to develop educational programs for the non-profit community. Through communications channels and personal outreach, she keeps members, volunteers, donors, the media, and sponsors, informed, inspired and involved in the important work of the Center.