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South Central Workforce Development Board
  • On-Demand
    Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a job fair and a hiring event? What can you do to stand out and make a good impression with an employer at one of these events? Find out this and more in this month's edition of Inside Jobs!
  • On-Demand
    In the first edition of our new show format, we've amped up the visuals in order to grab and retain attention. We go through the Executive Summary point by point, giving viewers a chance for deeper understanding of the content. To download the f...
  • On-Demand
    The Open Jobs Report: Analysis and Review for December 2020 provides a comprehensive explanation and analysis of the month's workforce data, its implications and how we can learn from it to make a better, stronger workforce in south central Kentucky.
  • Summit
    REGISTER NOW FOR FULL FREE ACCESS! On October 20, 2020, the South Central Workforce Development Board hosted its 3rd Annual Workforce Summit and for the first time, it was completely virtual. The 2020 “WorkforceSight” Summit focused on a wide var...
  • Webcast
    “The Open Jobs Report: Analysis and Review” features an in-depth examination of the open and advertised jobs’ data in our region each month. This is a MUST watch for HR Managers and employers in south central Kentucky.
  • Webcast
    Want to know FIRST about who’s hiring in the region? Become an Insider! Register one time and gain access to every current and future webcast.

    We will focus on different job sectors and opportunities each episode--pick and choose what appeals ...
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