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  • Recurring Webinar
    Experience those "aha" moments in biblical teaching and deepen your understanding with Logos. Join us to explore the Factbook and uncover deeper insights into Scripture. Discover how to apply this tool effectively in your Bible study today!
  • Recurring Webinar
    Looking for ways to involve your family in Bible study?
    Join us to explore how Logos can transform your family's Bible study experience. Discover user-friendly features that make studying Scripture interactive and enjoyable for all ages. Whether y...
  • Recurring Webinar
    Are you seeking to elevate your teaching and preaching to new heights?

    Logos offers a suite of powerful tools designed to enhance your communication and captivate your audience. Join us as we explore three indispensable Logos features: Logos Cha...
  • Recurring Webinar
    Are you passionate about studying God’s Word, but aren’t sure how to dig deeper?

    In this webinar, discover how Logos workflows can guide you step by step through in depth Bible study efficiently and effectively. We’ll walk through Scripture toge...
  • Recurring Webinar
    Are you longing to deepen your connection with God through daily scripture study but feel unsure where to begin?

    In this webinar we'll guide you through the steps to create a personalized reading plan, customize pre-designed layouts, and illumin...
  • Recurring Webinar
    Join us for a transformative webinar as we dive into enriching your inductive Bible study with Logos. Discover how to leverage resources, cross-reference, and more to ignite your passion for learning. Explore the foundational principles of inducti...
  • Recurring Webinar
    Dive into God's Word with Logos's Passage Analysis tool, your gateway to a deeper understanding of Scripture. This webinar will explore five powerful visual tools: Compare Pericopes, Word Tree, Morph River, Cluster Graph, and Version River. Each t...
  • Recurring Webinar
    Learn how to use the Logos to create a sleek presentation to go along with your talk or teaching! I will show how you can quickly and easily create handouts or discussion questions to go along with your presentation. You will be amazed by how easy...
Logos is a powerful Bible study and sermon prep platform that allows you to study Scripture and consult commentaries, devotionals, Bible dictionaries, and more—all from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Most importantly, with Logos’s Bible platform, you can easily search and store hundreds of thousands of books. Every Logos book—from commentaries to biblical studies resources to Christian living books—is enhanced with thousands of tags that connect one resource to another in your Logos library. So when you search for a word or theme or verse, Logos pulls everything together for you, making research and learning faster and easier.