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GWC Plus
  • Series
    We are delighted to welcome Emma Bell back to GWC Plus for The Thriving Force Programme. This series is designed to be accessible to you at any time and is perfect if you would like to;

    1. Feel fit, healthy and mentally resilient, every day
    2. B...
  • Series
    The Thriving Force is a series of 3 webinars, hosted by Emma Bell and co-hosted with Annie Tibbit, on GWC Plus.

    Following the success of Emma's webinars in late 2020 and early 2021, we are excited to present our first series with Emma on GWC Plus...
  • The Sustainability Series
    Our Sustainability Series aims to highlight the many challenges and opportunities presented to us in tackling the climate crisis, by exploring the impact humans have had on the environment over time, whilst encouraging our duty to be agents of pos...
Welcome to George Watson's College Plus, our digital events platform. A space for us to connect with each other and to bring together our pupils, their families, our staff, former pupils and the wider world through digital events and communication.

Our online events are a blend of live streaming of key school events, webinars and meeting style symposiums. Our webinars are designed for you to watch and listen, with the opportunity to pose questions. Our meeting style events and online gatherings are intended for you to engage with and actively participate in. All events will be recorded and made available on-demand where possible.