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Columbia Road
  • Wednesday, May 15, 2024 · 8:30 AM CEST
    Attention in inboxes becomes increasingly scarce. Excellence is required in email marketing. We analysed nearly 1000 email marketing from 25 leading consumer brands in Sweden to identify biggest trends in email marketing. The State of Email Market...
  • On-demand
    Visiting a webstore should be like talking to a good salesperson. In his keynote at the Digital Commerce Forum 2023, Columbia Road's Managing Parter Eero shares how to make personalisation a reality fast.
  • On-demand
    Erin, Senior Design Manager at Deliveroo, is a designer, leader and storyteller who has years of experience in designing with impact. At the Digital Commerce Forum 2023, she shares how a culture of experimentation and personalisation has led to gr...
  • On-demand
    Frederik is the Personalization Lead at Nordea, driving the adoption and scale of personalisation use cases across the Nordics. With a deep foundation in full-stack marketing and growth methodologies, Frederik consistently employs data-driven stra...
  • On-demand
    Jaime, Senior Director of Marketing Operations at Aiven, is a Salesforce Marketing Champion with over 9 years of experience in global B2B giants. With a background in engineering and comprehensive marketing credentials, Jaime masterfully bridges t...
  • On-demand
    Lyko is an omnichannel beauty giant with the market’s broadest range, inspiring customers to be their best selves. Tom, Head of Communication & Sustainability, shares in the Digital Commerce Forum 2023 how courage, setbacks, and a strong vision ar...
  • On-demand
    Nick spearheads the Data Science division within the Growth & Personalisation team at UK’s leading retailer Marks & Spencer. With a foundational expertise in statistics, Nick shares in the Digital Commerce Forum 2023 how personalisation at scale h...
  • Tuesday, September 19, 2023 · 8:00 AM CEST
    Join our webinar and make next-level personalisation a reality for your ecommerce.

    In the webinar, we present a systematic approach for leveraging personalisation opportunities across the entire sales funnel.

    You’ll also hear real-life success...
  • Tuesday, June 20, 2023 · 8:30 AM CEST
    How to avoid stagnating results and keep scaling the impact with next-level conversion rate optimisation, year after year?

    Join us for a webinar where we'll reveal seven years of powerful insights gained from helping hundreds of clients succeed.
  • On-demand
    With the death of 3rd party cookies, businesses need to adapt and find new ways to target the right customers. Worry not! There are fantastic opportunities to leverage first-party data and build a more customer-friendly web.

    In this webinar, we d...
  • Wednesday, May 18, 2022 · 3:00 PM EEST
    Having discussed with more than a hundred companies in Nordics, Germany and Netherlands it’s clear what’s the number one topic in mind for digital commerce leaders and practitioners:

    How to better utilise data for growing sales in digital and tra...
  • Wednesday, November 10, 2021 · 3:00 PM EET
    How should your company approach generating customer value with digital loyalty? Who are the customers you want to reward for returning, and who are your top fans, ready to pay for your premium offering instead of bargain-hunting?

    The mechanics ...
  • Tuesday, June 29, 2021 · 4:00 PM EEST
    Learning and recognising our unconscious biases is an important step towards building more inclusive digital products and services. Unconscious biases affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in our everyday lives at work. At its worst, bi...
  • Digital Commerce Forum
    The Digital Commerce Forum 2023 brought together 200 leaders in digital sales to hear and share insights on personalisation, AI and growth in digital channels. Watch the recordings on-demand and get inspired by the forerunners in digital sales.
Columbia Road is the leading digital sales consultancy in the Nordics, offering its customers holistic sales optimisation and automation, from customer acquisition to enhancing digital channels and customer nurturing.