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Church Revitalize Center
  • Contextualize/Revitalize
    Releasing on April 8, 2021, a premier Church Revitalization Master Class.

    Powerful Sessions: Each session has been hand-picked to help your church go from some simply surviving to spiritually thriving!

    Revitalization P...
  • Spiritual Renewal MC
    Spiritual Renewal by Claude King - MasterClass.

    This MasterClass provides video supplements to the workbook Return to Me: God's Plea and Promise to His Church can only be purchased through Lifeway for a nominal cost of ...
  • Revitalization Series
    This collection of video presentations has been curated from many of the most highly regarded Church Revitalization experts in the United States. The collection provides foundational material that helps you build your own revitalization roadmap. ...
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24/7 Webinars
  • Wednesday, October 7, 2020 · 9:32 AM EDT
    About the Church Revitalize Center
The Church Revitalize Center is an organization dedicated to helping churches "Wake up, Grow Healthy and Live Again (Rev.3:2, paraphrase). We help organizations by providing four resources that fit your budget or stage in your revitalization journey: Conversations, Conferences, Courses and Coaching.