Recorded Tue, November 5, 2019 8:14 pm (EST)
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    You've learned the skills to be a developer and are ready to begin the job hunt. You take the next step and apply for jobs and get no responses. Or maybe the lack of confidence is keeping you from applying? Maybe you attend your first coding interview and fail at the technical challenge?

    Coding interviews can be very tough between the nerves, the uncomfortableness, those awkward silences, and pauses. Many Developers can relates. Tons of things can happen and do not necessarily feel simple in that moment.

    So I want to help teach you the skills and provide an action plan for you to succeed at mastering the coding interview

    Join us in this Webinar, as software developer career coach Jason Humphrey will show you:
  • Agenda
    • How some simple legwork can effectively cut that 10-question interview down to 6 or 7 questions—and dramatically improve your chances
    • A powerful technique developed by an FBI terrorist negotiator that can get your interviewer to surrender clues when you're stuck
    • How some companies set traps in their job descriptions to catch unprepared developers.
    • How to "win the day" in the critical 24 hours leading up to your interview
    • Plus a LOT more
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