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    Coding bootcamps are often called a “fast track” to well-paying tech jobs. And with lower tuition costs, shorter class times, and a practical learning curriculum, these alternative education schools are praised for increasing access to a tech education. But are coding bootcamps really worth it?

    In this webinar series, we will discuss every aspect of figuring out the right bootcamp from you. Take advantage of one or all of these webinars and arm yourself with everything you need to successfully change your career.


    Nov 12 - Research - Many people skip this step, yet it is the most important part of knowing the difference between a good and a bad bootcamp. To be successful, you need to find a school that fits your schedule and budget, matches your learning style, and helps you land a great job.

    Nov 19 - Prep Work - Getting prepared before you start can be the difference to success for failure in a bootcamp. Come learn what you should know before your first day.

    Nov 26- Driving Results - Learn the steps you can take during your bootcamp that will put you above your competition and get you noticed after you graduate.

    Dec 3 - Mentor Sessions - Gain the most from you mentor session by using these given principales to get the most out of your bootcamp.

    Dec 10 - Live Q&A - Bring you question and get actionable advice on how to get your career rocking.

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