Recorded Mon, August 10, 2020 8:00 am (EDT)
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    The Coronavirus pandemic has brought a new financial squeeze to the care sector.
    Many care businesses were already working to tight margins due to austerity measures on public finances. Now they are in danger of being pushed over the edge.

    In recent years, care businesses have experienced higher workforce costs. Not only have they had to accommodate wage inflation due to the National Living Wage, but they’ve suffered recruitment and retention issues.

    Staff shortages are set to be compounded by Brexit and the reduced availability of European workers.

    This has all happened at a time when there’s been less state funding in the system, and is a big headache for those businesses dependent on local authority placements.
    Then the pandemic brought extra staff and equipment costs. Many providers have had to pay more for agency staff to cover gaps, and ensure they have adequate PPE supplies.

    High death rates in residential care sector have also created a stigma, so occupancy levels are down.

    One industry expert is predicting one in ten care homes could go bust.

    This session will explore steps care businesses can take to get on a sustainable footing and promote profitability.

    Gold Sponsor: The Care Hub
    Supporting: The Care Workers Charity

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    • How to better manage costs going forward
    • How to get on top of the workforce issues
    • How to market your services and boost occupancy rates
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