Defining the future: 2030 vision

ClientEarth Summit - Day 3, Green Recovery

Session 10: Defining the future: 2030 vision
11 November at 9am GMT - Duration 1 hour

It's 2030. Globally, we are en route to avoid the worst predicted scenarios for climate change. The world has steered towards a more responsible stewardship of Earth’s resources to address the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.

The global community mobilised in full force to ensure ‘business as usual’ made way for cleaner, greener economies and societies. Though some environmental conditions are permanently altered, continued bold action means we will be able to meet the vision of a climate neutral and regenerative world by mid century. Speaking from this new future in 2030, experts reflect on how their field of work played an integral part in paving a new way for humanity to ensure the best possible future for people and nature.

Danielle Walker Palmour, Founding Director, Friends Provident Foundation
Farhana Yamin, Lawyer, Author, Speaker, Activist, and Associate Fellow, Chatham House
Mark Campanale, Founder & Executive Chair, Carbon Tracker Initiative

Sarah Butler-Sloss, founder of the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy, and ClientEarth Trustee

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  • When: London
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: Free
  • Language: English
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