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    An informative webinar presented by
    Devin Sefton, Senior Associate Attorney &
    Brandon French, Associate Attorney
    Braumiller Law Group

    This webinar is a follow-up to the USMCA Automotive webinar presented on June 19th, 2020. It will take a deeper dive into the automotive rules of origin by focusing on how USMCA impacts the automotive industry in practice. We will walk through fact patterns from various segments of the automotive industry and levels of the automotive supply chain to demonstrate how USMCA applies to the relevant stakeholders from both a legal and practical perspective. This webinar will also address developments that have occurred since USMCA came into effect, including new guidance from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, emerging best practices, and issues that remain unresolved to date. While we will briefly cover the basic automotive rules of origin, this webinar is designed for participants that are familiar with the basic requirements of USMCA and are seeking further information on and analysis of the practical implications of USMCA on their business.

    This webinar will also cover:

    • NAFTA to USMCA – What’s changed?

    • Anatomy of USMCA Automotive Rules of Origin (ROO) – How to find and interpret the rules

    • Overview of New Rules
    • Regional Value Content (RVC) Requirements for “core parts,” “principal parts,” and “complimentary parts”
    • Steel and Aluminum Requirements
    • Labor Value Content (LVC) Requirements

    • Applying Automotive ROO – a walk through the automotive supply chain from start to finish:
    • How USMCA applies to each level of the supply chain
    • Impact on indirect suppliers to the automotive industry
    • Discussion of important exceptions and specialized rules

    • How to claim and support USMCA treatment

    Care to ask a question in advance of the webinar so it may be (possibly) included within the presentation?
    Email: linnea@braumillerconsulting.com

    *The Previous Automotive webinar on 6/19 in the series is in the "On-demand" BLG library. If you are inclined to review.
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