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    Already commonly used in Europe, Cross Laminated Timber is finally gaining popularity in American construction. Developers across the country are turning to CLT for its affordability, sustainability and its appealing appearance. U.S. building codes are changing and CLT is on the rise and expected to be in full swing come 2021. What are the risks? What are all the benefits? Will you be seeing CLT in your future?

    Join Bisnow, Kaiser+Path Owner Ben Kaiser and Truebeck Construction Project Executive Ryan Wood for a discussion exploring the rise of mass timber and CLT across the country and how you can rise with it.

    During this Webinar we will discuss:

    --What are the overarching benefits of mass timber and CLT development?

    --What are the current state codes regarding CLT in WA and OR and how hard is it to get a special permit?

    --CLT is considered to be more affordable and environmentally friendly than other materials, could it be the concrete of the future?

    --How can developers alleviate investor concerns about earthquakes and fires?

    --If CLT is not currently allowed in your state’s building code, how can you help make it the new normal?

    Please reach out to Bisnow West Coast Event Producer Matt Seukunian if you have any questions (matt.seukunian@bisnow.com).
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