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Communicating clearly with your audience is the first step in building trust and authentic engagement. To get the best health outcomes, health-related decisions should be based on clear and correct understanding of relevant health information and services.

This webinar will cover evidence-informed plain language principles you can start applying right away to help you express your ideas clearly and succinctly so that your message will be easy for your audience to understand and act on. These skills could help you explain nutrition care plans and promote dietetic services in an understandable way.

In this 1.5h webinar, you will...

-define plain language and explain how it relates to accessibility and equity
-identify problems can that make a communication confusing or frustrating
-apply common plain language techniques to make a communication easier to understand
-apply best practices for communicating health information in face-to-face interactions and in writing

Hosted By Find BC Dietitians Inc.

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