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Online Kundalini Yoga Class Friday 15 September 2017

Recorded Fri, September 15, 2017 6:08 am (EDT)
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    Berlin (GMT 2:00)
    I'm very grateful to Wynter for encouraging me to teach Kundalini Yoga on the Animaltalk Africa webinar channel. Kundalini yoga is brilliant for clearing energy blocks of all kinds, emotional, physical and mental and for everyone working with interspecies communication it is a wonderful way of opening your heart!

    Kundalini Yoga is a unique yoga suitable for everyone! It is known as the householders yoga meaning anyone and everyone can do it. You don't need to be flexible or in top shape, instead Kundalini yoga will help you feel peaceful, energized and over a period of time you will start to notice a difference in your flexibility and you will feel physically, mentally and emotionally stronger and healthier. You can push yourself or do the exercises slowly and rest when you need to, it is completely up to you. You exercise at your own pace. This yoga is for you and about you.

    The exercises in Kundalini yoga are usually repetitive rather than stationary like in most traditional yogas. I will explain and demostrate each exercise. Kundalini yoga is a beautiful yoga that is becomming more and more popular because people feel so good doing it! We do sit in a cross legged position for quite a lot of the class, but if you find this difficult you can keep stretching out your legs throughout the class or even start out sitting in a chair. I use a meditation cushion to sit on as I find this is much more gentle on my back. You can try a normal cushion also or anything that will just give you a little lift. Sit at the front of the cushion and you will notice you don't have to work so hard to keep your back straight. You will be surprised how quickly you can become used to this position!

    We will tune in with 2 short mantras and then begin with a breathing exercise and / or a warm up and set of exercises (called a kriya). You will need a yoga mat or something soft that won't slide for the exercises. After the kriya we will do a laying down relaxation and for this I recommend you have a blanket to keep you warm. After the relaxation we will do a meditation and then tune out. It is also a good idea to have some water for if you become thirsty at any time through the class. When I have taken online Kundalini yoga classes I set my laptop up on a chair at the end of my yoga mat and I only have to move the screen occasionally if we stand up for an exercise. You can also do this with a phone and a tablet.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at spiritofkundaliniyoga@gmail.com or janine@animaltalkafrica.co.za

    From Wynter:- Hi all, I know it might seem strange to have a Kundalini Yoga class on our Animal Talk Africa webinar channel, however I highly recommend this as part of a sacred practice. I have tried many different types of yoga, and Kundalini Yoga, was the one that really appealed. It is all about working holistically and balancing your energetic and physical bodies. It really can help clear any blockages and issues that you are dealing with on all levels. Our own Janine Opheim qualified as a teacher this year and is offering weekly classes on-line, every Friday. I encourage all of you to give it a try. The first few sessions will be free with an option to donate. If you can't attend live, register in order to do the class in your own time with the recording.
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