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Celebrating with your Animal Friends

Wed, Dec 11, 2019 · 9:00 PM · Pretoria
About This Webinar

Our Animal friends are no stranger to celebrations, indeed they celebrate every joyful moment.

Humans, however need to set special times and have special reasons to celebrate.
Learn how to celebrate everyday with your animal friends, how to focus on the joy and how to make the holiday seasons happy and harmonious for everyone.

This webinar focuses on how to help you and your animal companions, be they domestic or "wild", cope with the frenzy of energy that is intended to be about positive celebrations, but can turn into something less than positive for many people.

The human expectation of end of year planning and celebrations can be stressful, so how do you cope and how do you ensure that your animal friends enjoy the celebrations too?

Wynter explains how to send positive messages to your animal friends, how to make sure any disruptions in the household are managed harmoniously, and basically how to have happy holidays for all.

We also consider our Wild neighbours, and how the crowds, lights and noise may affect them.
Wynter explains how with positive intention and the healing energy of Love, Respect and Joy, you can assist in limiting these affects.

Lets celebrate together!

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Wynter Worsthorne
Core Facilitator and Founder of Animaltalk Africa
Wynter is based in Cape Town and has been practicing as a Professional Animal Communicator since 2002. She is the author of "Where is Biggles?" and teaches introduction and advanced workshops internationally. Her deep love is for African Wildlife. She works closely with Baboon Matters Trust and the Global White Lion Protection Trust who she supports through the global meditations and prayers, right here on Big Marker. She is one of the few people invited to facilitate groups at Tsau Conservancy in South Africa where the rare and sacred White Lions roam free in a protected area of their endemic homeland.
In 2010 she founded AnimalTalk Africa's online Academy, which has developed into a wonderful like-minded community of people learning how to communicate with the animals.
To learn more about her work please visit www.animaltalkafrica.co.za
Webinar hosting presenter Janine Opheim
Janine grew up in Australia but now lives in Norway. She met Wynter in 2004 when they both lived in England and she qualified as a practitioner through Wynter's Animaltalk Africa Online Academy in 2016. Janine is a participant of the White Lion Leadership Academy and supports Wynter with the ATAOA Forum and holds practice sessions for students.
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