About This Webinar
Whether you work in-house or at a firm, proper domain name and IP online management is crucial for your clients. In this webinar, Sara Freixa of Com Laude and Mitzi Mera of Corsearch will guide you through how to counsel clients to protect their IP rights online. They will discuss how to advise clients to craft a strategic domain name registration policy that matches their offline trademark presence with their online ones and avoids leaving gaps that 3rd parties can exploit. They'll also explain:

* How to minimize domain-related and other online IP infringement risk
* What watch services do and which features to look for
* What to do in cases of trademark infringement via a domain registration

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Sara Freixa
Director of Sales, IP & Security Strategies at Com Laude
Sara Freixa is a trademark attorney with a master’s degree in New Technologies Law. In 2002, she started counseling corporate clients about the domain names, eventually moving from law firms to domain registrars and registries. Over nearly 20 years, she has worked on many critical domain-related topics that affect legal, marketing, and security teams. Sara has a long history of helping clients review their online presence, working with them to create a tailor-made approach to better online brand protection.
Mitzi Mera
Regional Director LATAM
In her role as Regional Director for Latin America at Corsearch®, Mitzi Mera partners with brands in the LATAM region, where she offers guidance and support on brand protection, trademark solutions, and digital content protection. She has over seven years of experience as a business development professional in international trade and she is currently studying for an Executive MBA with a specialization in digital transformation. Her broad experience has given a thorough understanding of the challenges brands face in terms of brand establishment and protection.

Mitzi is an active member of local organizations such as the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI), the Mexican Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AMPPI), and the Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property (ABPI).
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