The word basic has gotten a bad rap. But let’s be honest: Who needs anything complicated these days? That’s why we’re taking it back to the basics of account-based marketing: your audiences. The foundation of any successful ABM program is a data-driven, tiered and segmented target account list (TAL). So, let’s talk TALs.

While the idea of nailing your audience might be basic, we promise this webinar will be anything but that. Devon Watts, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at RollWorks, will cover the following:

  • Which data sources should inform your list creation

  • How to get your sales team involved

  • Tiering your target account list using static and dynamic signals

  • How to segment your ABM audiences

  • Join us for this foundational ABM webinar.

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    Wed, Mar 24, 2021 · 1:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -4:00)
    Devon Watts, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing, RollWorks
    Devon is a B2B marketer with over a decade of experience at leading SaaS companies like Asana, Microsoft, and Carta. Devon has built product marketing and content programs from scratch, and has led teams of up to 25 marketers across disciplines. She specializes in helping B2B companies tell their story, build their brand, and drive demand for their products and services.
    Moderator: Kaylee Hultgren, Group Content Manager, Chief Marketer/Event Marketer