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We’re a technology company in the business of connecting dots.
We are 7.4 billion dots, each with our own perspective. The desire to share that perspective and the curiosity to explore are part of what it means to be human. Driven by this simple insight, we’re on a mission to connect people with knowledge, passion, and experience. And we believe that people gain the most when sharing is live and interactive. So we’re building the largest and most interactive experience for sharing online.
Our passion is connecting people with knowledge
BigMarker is building a way to reach and actually engage with online audiences of any size.
Our vision is simple: anyone should be able to communicate their knowledge and passion in a way that is accessible to people everywhere. To make this happen, we build technology that removes the barriers to bringing large groups together and our work focuses on empowering people to discover, understand, and carry forward great ideas and perspectives from around the world. A platform to schedule, host, and build an audience around live online talks, workshops, classes, and presentations is at your fingertips to help you bring your ideas to people everywhere.
  • “BigMarker allows us to make our workshops more valuable by allowing us to share them with our companies and partners around the world.”
  • “Producing a large-scale webinar program that helps people around the world build digital skills is no easy task. BigMarker makes it much easier.”
  • “BigMarker helps us reach a broader audience, taking our webinars from local cities to the offices and living rooms of people around the world.”
Search engines don’t index passion and experience.
BigMarker is built for the human side of information
Zhu-Song was up late one night looking for answers. Supporting his mom through every step of cancer treatment, he was eager for anything that would make her more comfortable. As he scoured search engines and message boards, he found only stale articles written years earlier by anonymous internet users. BigMarker started with the idea that if we could connect real people, who can speak from real experience, then we could create something much more powerful.
  • 50,000+
  • millions
    of hours of live
  • 8,000+
    companies and
  • 190
    countries and
Our opportunity: shape how the next big idea is shared.
As the pace of human development accelerates, the way knowledge is shared will change at every level. With new technological ability comes new opportunity. As we become more capable of delivering information the way we were designed to — with spoken words, facial expressions, real-time discussion and feedback — to any number of people in any place, we have the opportunity to advance what the human race knows, and what it can do.
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