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8 BILLION ANGELS (54 Minutes)

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8 Billion Angels weaves together stories of people around the world as they confront the growing impact of overpopulation on their lives and the planet.  The film unflinchingly shows how our skyrocketing numbers affect our rivers, oceans, land, and air. With passion, humility, and honesty, experts explain the indisputable connection between our environmental catastrophes, unsustainable population, and increasing consumption. In spite of the daunting challenges presented, this ultimately uplifting documentary offers proven, practical, and positive solutions that can not only address unsustainable population growth and its dire environmental consequences but improve the lives and well-being of people around the world.

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Terry Spahr
Producer, 8 Billion Angels
Terry Spahr is the Producer of the 2020 documentary, 8 Billion Angels, which establishes the connection between unsustainable population growth and our global environmental emergencies. Through the compelling stories of scientists, farmers, fisherman and others, the film confronts a topic often relegated to the shadows of our personal, political and international conversations.

Upon completion of the film, Terry founded Earth Overshoot, a nonprofit dedicated to making nature central to all personal and public decision-making through targeted education and advocacy.
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