Tuesday, Oct 27 | 10:00 AM (+03)
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About This Webinar
Digitalzone is the largest Digital Marketing Event in Eastern Europe & MENA. Don’t miss this unique experience!

⭐️Unique Speakers
Leading consultants who work at leading companies share their know-how and experiences with us.

⭐️Questions & Answers
At the end of each session, our speakers will answer questions from our participants for 15 minutes.
Frederick Vallaeys
Optmyzr - Cofounding CEO
Frederick (Fred) Vallaeys is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, author and leading influencer in pay-per-click search marketing. One of Google’s first 500 employees, he helped pioneer PPC marketing as the company’s first AdWords Evangelist. Today he serves as Co-Founding CEO of Optmyzr, a leading and award-winning PPC management platform. A sought-after industry thought leader, he contributes to leading marketing publications and conferences, and is routinely called upon by journalists, writers and podcasters for his industry insight and vision.
Jamie Alberico
Not a Robot - 100% Human Technical SEO Consultant
Jamie Alberico isn’t a robot, but she speaks bot. As a technical SEO consultant, she studies how search engines crawl, render, and index the web. She loves to tame wild JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React. When not working, Jamie likes horror movies, graphic novels, and Dungeons & Dragons.
Isaac Rudansky
AdVenture Media - CEO
Isaac Rudansky, CEO of AdVenture Media Group, is widely considered to be an industry-leading expert on all matters related to pay per click advertising, online traffic acquisition and conversion rate optimization.

As an educator, Isaac has over 225,000 paying students enrolled in his full-length online courses, and his beginners guide to Google Ads has been watched by over 950,000 students.
Isaac founded AdVenture Media, a digital advertising agency based in Long Island, NY, in 2013.

Since then, Isaac and his team have consulted with over 450 companies around the world, ranging in size from small mom and pop ecommerce boutiques, to multiple, publicly traded companies. Isaac and his team manage the digital advertising campaigns for well known companies like Forbes, AMC Networks, Karrass Negotiating, The International Culinary Center, Hearst, Hanes and many more.
Hannah Smith
Worderist - Creative Content Consultant
Last year, Hannah traded-in agency life for working in her pyjamas in her flat. In previous incarnations she was Head of Creative at Verve Search; and held various roles at Distilled (including Creative Lead, Content Strategist, and SEO Consultant). Prior to 2007 she worked in offline marketing (they just called it marketing back then). Her work for clients has won multiple awards, and she’s spoken at numerous conferences including MozCon, SMX, SearchLove, and BrightonSEO.
Jim Banks
Spades Media - CEO
Jim is a paid media veteran, keynote speaker and until 2020 a frequent traveller to industry events around the world.

Jim set up one of the first dedicated PPC agencies in 2000 which he sold in 2006.

Today he is the CEO of growth agency Spades Media and also the founder of online community Elite Media Buyers.

Jim is one of the head judges for UK Search Awards and Global Biddable Media Awards and offers a no fluff opinion on the changing landscape of paid media and the opportunities that exist within it.
Irina Nica
Hubspot - Senior Marketing Manager, Product Awareness
Irina is a driven digital marketer and international speaker, with over 10 years of experience in content marketing and SEO. She is currently working full-time on the User Acquisition team for HubSpot, where she’s focused on building awareness for the company’s freemium products through a program called Surround Sound. Irina is also one of the Head Judges for the 2020 Global Search Awards and has been on the judging panel for the European Search Awards.
Yiğit Konur
seo.do - Product Manager
In 2006, Yigit started his career by creating the very first SEO blog in Turkey. By 2010 he started seozeo.com as a blog and laid the base for Zeo Agency. Over 11 years, Yigit is expertised in digital marketing and SEO. He also speaks at the events like BrightonSEO, Digitalzone - CMMasters - SEMdays - WMF and inOrbit. Also he is a judge at Search Awards.
Clément Hochedez
OnCrawl - Technical SEO Strategist
Clément Hochedez is an SEO with a diverse skill set. He first started his professional career in Paris with a startup and then spent time honing his skills as an SEO freelancer. He worked with Adviso on the National Bank of Canada account as Senior Consultant, before joining OnCrawl as Lead Technical SEO Support for North America. Aside from being passionate about SEO, Clément is also an aviation enthusiast and amateur pilot - a hobby that led him to move to Canada to fully embrace his passion while continuing his work in SEO. His favorite subjects: Data Science applied to SEO, and content optimization.
Judith Lewis
DeCabbit Consultancy - Founder
Judith is a renowned international speaker, writer, trainer, blogger and digital media consultant, specializing in SEO, content strategy, link building, paid media, and digital strategy. She has over 24 years of experience, predating Google in her entry into the market, and now runs her own consultancy. She has worked with market-leading global businesses including Google, NatWest/RBS, National Gallery, Fidelity, GalaCoral, NBC Universal, Readers Digest, Bayer, Amadeus, AMD, AmEx, Virgin.com, Virgin Startup & more. Judith judges the industry leading Search Awards around the world.